Affiliate Income

Affiliate Income Structure

These are subsidiary incomes to your ROI. Affiliate incomes are a prominent way to build your wealth at a rapid pace. It gives you an exceptional advantage of making funds using your networking skills and utilizing their sources of funds to avail extra benefits. Affiliate incomes can be earned in 4 ways- Referral Income, Binary Income, Bonus Milestone and lastly in the form of Career Progression. These incomes are provided for ready withdrawal daily and at any given point of time, thus encouraging users to make a good share of it. Affiliate income helps a user to gain absolute knowledge of the platform and its functions enabling his efficient performance in financial growth. Affiliate incomes are associated with user growth providing users to have an unconditional advantage in making the most of this income. Build a network and reach new heights at Encolb and get the mutual advantage of income invested globally.

Affiliate incomes are an active way to develop your financial skills and perform economically to outcome your budgetary issues and get a taste of financial freedom in this world.

Referral Income

Referral Income refers to that part of income that can be claimed when a user under you invests on one's own account. It is the premium paid for your networking skills and services hosted. Such a premium is paid every time an investment is made by the user referred by you. To lay an impartial approach towards every user Encolb has a referral rate of 7% to 10% based on the plan you opt for. This gives every user an equal chance to match the rewards with his efforts and claim additional income growth. There is no limit to the referrals that you can earn or people you can refer to. Encolb provides seamless earning via networking and helping users build a conventional and sustainable source of income.

Your own package is not considered for the calculation of Referral Income. Referral Income is credited instantly as soon as an investment is made through your direct referrals only. Start growing your referrals today and see the magic of earnings happen. Yes, that’s what referrals are for. Get going and start building.

  • Activation of your own account is mandatory to withdraw your referral earnings.
  • Referral earnings can be withdrawn at any time any day with a minimal charge applied to it.

Note: Any the income of 9% earned above the capping limit shall be forfeited and users shall not be entitled to that part of binary earnings for the current day.

Binary Income

Persistent income, mutual benefit and seamless earnings are what Binary Income can help you achieve. The motive of Binary Income is to provide perpetual income to users having seamless affiliates and groups of users under their network tree.

  • Activation of personal accounts is a must.
  • Activation of 2 direct accounts under you. One on the left side and the other on the right side is a must.

To be eligible for a binary you need to refer 2 users under you, one on each leg of your active account. Flat 9% binary is eligible to all users fulfilling the given conditions to unlock your binary portal.

Example: If the total business on the right side of an active account is $46000 and on the left side is $10800. Let's calculate the binary. Highest the equal amount that can be matched is $10800. So binary will be 9% of $10800 = $972, and the balance of the remaining business of $35200 will be carried forward which can be matched in future.

Bonus Milestone

The new initiative by Encolb official authority that surely will revolutionize the way you earn affiliate commissions. Here you go! A new blend of BONUS for all users to earn unconditionally on team building hereafter. Not only just referral and binary but an exceptional and additional Bonus will be offered to the potential ones. Bonus Milestone brings you the additional earnings calculated on the accumulated balance of your own Service Wallet (Comprising both Referral Income and Binary Income) which is paid respectively every week. The rate of bonus income shall be decided according to the slab you come under.

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