Returns on Investment

The profit from an activity for a particular period compared with the amount invested in it and paid on Daily basis.

ROI is a popular metric because of its versatility and simplicity. Essentially, ROI can be used as a rudimentary gauge of an investment’s profitability. This could be the ROI on a stock investment, the ROI a company expects on expanding to the next level, and the ROIs are generated in real term transactions. The calculation itself is not too complicated, and it is relatively easy to interpret for its wide range of applications. If an investment’s ROI is net positive, it is probably worthwhile. But if other opportunities with higher ROIs are available, these signals can help investors eliminate or select the best options. Likewise, investors should avoid negative ROIs, those platforms that corrupt the markets, and also imply a net loss to all their investors. Study and grow with Encolb and explore to control and earn your financial status.

Encolb prices you the smart and four various investment packages for you to earn fixed daily ROIs on your investment. Please review our investment packages which are stated below.

Calculate your earnings

Use the calculator to better understand conversions and profits from selected packages.


  • Duration 200 Days
  • Daily Profit 14 %
  • Referral 7 %
  • Binary 9 %
  • Binary Capping $ 1000

$ 20 - $ 4999


  • Duration 180 Days
  • Daily Profit 16 %
  • Referral 8 %
  • Binary 9 %
  • Binary Capping $ 2500

$ 5000 - $ 24999


  • Duration 160 Days
  • Daily Profit 18 %
  • Referral 9 %
  • Binary 9 %
  • Binary Capping $ 5000

$ 25000 - $ 49999


  • Duration 150 Days
  • Daily Profit 20 %
  • Referral 10 %
  • Binary 9 %
  • Binary Capping $ 10000

$ 50000 - $ Above

Points to be noted

  • The minimum withdrawal value is
  • Revenue Wallet payout day:
    Every Thursday
  • There are 2% admin chargers on Service Wallet to Revenue Wallet Transfer.
  • Daily profits will be credited to your Revenue Wallet.
  • You should have an active account to make any transactions.
  • Daily profits will be credited from
    Monday to Friday.
  • Admin charges of 6% are levied on all the withdrawals.
  • Service Wallet payout:
    Every day
  • There are 2% admin chargers on Revenue Wallet to Downline Revenue Wallet Transfer.
  • Referral and Binary commissions will be credited to your Service Wallet.
  • Revenue Wallet balances can be used to activate the accounts.
  • It's mandatory to have one Right and one Left direct Referral to gain Binary Income.

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