Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Encolb legally registered?

Yes, it is legally registered in the Marshall Islands, Seychelles Island, and Singapore.

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2. What is the limit of user accounts?

With no restrictions, you can always open infinite accounts from the same email address and the same phone number anytime and anywhere.

3. What are the possibilities of wallet transfers?

You can certainly transfer funds from Service wallet to Revenue wallet and Service wallet to other members Service wallet with given admin charges.

4. How secure is Encolb platform?

We provide the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. We do have the Extended Validation SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. You can check the details on our homepage. Fortunately, all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. We assure you for sure that we do have the highest level of protection for our website and we are secure.

5. What is the process of joining?

We have a very simple joining process:

6. How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password with few easy steps:

7. How can you deposit and withdraw?

Here in Encolb, you can deposit the funds through these modes BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, PAYEER, PERFECT MONEY, USDT, TRON (TRX).

You can withdraw through the above E currencies mentioned. Note: Your withdrawals will be sent through the original source of deposit. For example: If you invest through Bitcoin, then your payout will come in Bitcoin.

8. What is the minimum amount that could be withdrawn?

The minimum withdrawal is $15.

9. How is the withdrawal requisition processed?

You can withdraw from the Service wallet every day and anytime.

You can withdraw from your Revenue wallet every Thursday as per the server timings.

10. Will there be any charges for withdrawals?

Admin charges 6% on every withdrawal.

11. Is the promotion of Encolb to spams?

Absolutely yes, remember all spammer's accounts will immediately be closed without any compensation. All links to scam web pages have been removed. We have a zero-tolerance policy towards spammers and spamming.

12. How many people can I refer to?

There is no limit, you can refer to as many people as you want.

13. What are the functions of the binary commission?

It's mandatory to have one right and one left direct referral to gain binary commission.

As your pair gets completed, you certainly will be liable to get a 9% as your commission transferred to your Service Wallet as per the server timings. With no complications, the Binary commissions will be given to you on the weaker line.

14. Can I change my Sponsor/Referral ID after joining?

No, the Sponsor/Referral ID cannot be changed once registration is completed.

15. Can I create multiple accounts using the same email?

Yes, In Encolb you can use the same email to open more than one account.

16. Can we earn prior to or without investing?

Yes, you can absolutely earn by way of networking by providing your respective referral links to people. The referral income will be credited to your respective wallet once they join and activate their account. Withdrawals are only allowed after one invests.

17. Do I have to trade on my own?

The customers are only required to make a deposit and withdraw profits. No prior trading experience is required.

18. Who Manages our funds?

The respective account manager manages the funds and executes profitable trades for the customers.

19. When was Encolb established?

Encolb was established in 2018 with the view to procuring itself as the premier trading platform to furnish customers with a scope of incorporated administration from our organization across the world.

20. Will my returns be based on the profits generated by the company?

No, a uniform series of pay-out is structured to avoid over-dependency on unpredictable market situations.

21. How does one earn money on Encolb?

There are various types of income you can earn which are Daily assured returns, Referral income, Binary income, Bonus Milestone, Career progression.

22. Why TFT? Is it reliable?

TFT by far has the best resources, intellect, and man-power to overcome modern financial problems using the Digital world and provide authentic solution to its users.

23. How many investment plans do Encolb offer?

Encolb is offering 4 different investment plans to choose from.

24. What is the Minimum and Maximum amount of investment?

The minimum amount of investment is 50$ and there is no curtailment on the maximum amount of investment.

25. Can the mode of investment and withdrawal be different?

No, your withdrawals will be sent through the original source of deposit. For example: If you invest through Bitcoin, then your payout will come in Bitcoin.

26. Is there any restriction on the service wallet payout?

No, there are no restrictions on the service wallet payout. You can withdraw from the service wallet every day and anytime.

27. Can Revenue Wallet balance be used to activate the accounts?

Yes, the Revenue wallet balance can be used to activate the accounts.

28. Will the ROI be credited daily?

Yes, the ROI will be credited on daily basis.

29. Where will the Referral and Binary commission be credited?

The Binary and Referral commission will be credited to the Service wallet respectively.

30. Can one account be used for reinvestment?

You can certainly have one account and invest multiple times. Moreover, once you have an account at TFT it stays forever. It can be used anytime.

31. Why invest in forex and crypto trading organizations?

Forex and Crypto Trading services are a growing business that shows a positive dynamic growth along with the financial sector.

32. Where will my queries be addressed?

Your queries will be heard and redressed with a TAT of as low as possible on our global support desk.

33. What do I need to get on board?

You need to just click on the signup and then fill-up the form and verify your email & once you are done you are good to go.

34. Where can I view my account-related details?

Once you create an account, you will get login credentials to access your dashboard where all the information relating to your account will be available.

35. Will I be exposed to any losses?

No, we offer safety and security to our customers by positioning them in an impervious zone and keeping them away from all sorts of risks possible.

36. How are the funds utilized by Encolb?

We manage and grow individual invested funds through Forex and Crypto trading. We manage individual funds through our seasoned traders who execute trades on behalf of our investors.

37. Are there any charges for joining?

No, the sign-up is absolutely free.

38. Where all are the offices of Encolb situated?

We are currently operating with 3 offices. We are looking for expansion in the near future, if you wish to have one in your country, you can contact us for the same and our respective team will help you with the procedure on the same.

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